SENTINEL overview

Triple Threat Protection

Corrosion. Scale. Bacteria. Every other option is limited to testing one issue. Corrosion coupons and probes let you test for corrosion (while giving you limited details at best). Deposit monitors only let you know if you have the presence of scale. Sentinel lets you attack multiple problem areas at the same time. This is the only way to attack it all. Visual, realistic, and reliable corrosion, scale and bacteria monitoring. Packaged into one easy early detection monitoring device.

Online Visual Reporting

The flagship Model B, alongside the Model A, includes a camera, capturing the efficacy of treatment programs through visually monitoring any appearance of corrosion, scale, or bacteria. While the Model C is has a camera option depending on installation location, exposure period data is logged and transmitted to ensure stability during your exposure period. This is the first, integrated, online solution that allows for early detection. At the velocity and skin temperature that models your most critical heat exchangers. It is almost as if Sentinel is a window into your heat exchanger.

Multi-Purpose Evaluation Tool

When Sentinel is utilized by an end-user, it can ensure that problems are quickly and efficiently addressed by both employees and contractual business-to-business relationships.  More-so, this helps give both parties the peace of mind that they have made the right decision by working together.  Likewise, keep existing or win new business utilizing Sentinel as a sales tool. When used by a service provider, Sentinel allows for opportunities to show why you are the best option to handle an account.