The first portable heated corrosion coupon.  Sentinel Model C employs the same diverse utility that Sentinel Model A and Model B share, however, this time, the power of Sentinel contained within a portable enclosure.  Sentinel on wheels.

Many applications do not need the ruggedness of steel enclosure.  Most operators just want results.  Results that can be visually observed without shutting down any piece of equipment.

Sentinel Model C contains the easy to operate enclosed liquid to liquid heat transfer annular exchanger of the Model B.  Do not be fooled into thinking that due to the portable ability of the Model C that it does not stand out from any and all corrosion monitors or any and all deposit monitors.  Nor does the portability effect the ability to visually observe scale and bacteria.

As with all of our standard units, the results are visual and representative of what is going on in your actual heat exchanger.  View the quality of your corrosion treatment program through the clear shell of the annular heat exchange.  View the everyday efficacy of bacteria & scale control programs, online, visually and at temperature.  This is Sentinel.  Visual results, through a window.



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