Simple. Robust. Industrial. Sentinel Model B is effective and efficient for all industrial applications for monitoring corrosion, scale and deposition in heat exchangers. Whether you need to quickly find a solution to a water treatment problem or you want the peace of mind knowing that you no longer have to rely on the limited information provided by corrosion coupons or probes, Sentinel Model B has you covered.

With an easy to operate design, Sentinel Model B shows that it is the clearly the world’s best corrosion monitor.  But not only a corrosion monitor.  It is the class of all deposit monitors.  Visual real-world results.  Instead of having to wait and guess, identify problems and adjust real-time without the requirements of any equipment opening.

As with all of our standard units, the results are visual and representative of what is going on in your actual heat exchanger.  View the quality of your corrosion treatment program through the clear shell of the annular heat exchange.  View the everyday efficacy of bacteria & scale control programs, online, visually and at temperature.  This is Sentinel.  Visual results, through a window.




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