The powerful workhorse. This is the top of the line; the most powerful standard unit that we offer.  Why? What makes the Sentinel Model A the best corrosion, scale and deposit monitor available for industrial cooling water?  Simply, this unit checks all the boxes from the optics of a simulated flowing process stream to the science of the operator understanding heat transfer.

The differentiator for the Sentinel Model A is that it stands alone with a simulated process flow. Where all of our other standard models utilize a simple contained liquid filled chamber to achieve uniform heat transfer, Sentinel Model A utilizes a treated, closed recirculating loop.  For someone looking to have the comfort knowing that the heated tube specimen is being heated by flowing water, this is the unit for you.

Because of the added element of the flowing simulated process loop, this unit is also the most complex to operate because the operator has to understand the cause and effect to the modeling conditions of any adjustments made to either the simulated process flow, heat recovery, and cooling water flow.

As with all of our standard units, the results are visual and representative of what is going on in your actual heat exchanger.  View the quality of your corrosion treatment program through the clear shell of the annular heat exchange.  View the everyday efficacy of bacteria & scale control programs, online, visually and at temperature.  This is Sentinel.  Visual results, through a window.



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