Use Case | Competitive Sales Tool

Utilize Sentinel as a competitive sales tool.  You do not need to think of Sentinel simply as equipment that provides a solution. Water treaters and service providers use it to keep existing business out of the reach of competitors.  Moreover, they use it to win new business and show they are better than the rest.

Sentinel has been used by water treatment companies as a sales tool in three primary ways: Competitive, Value Added Service, and a combination of both.

As a competitive tool, water treaters have found success in using Sentinel to identify weakness in a competitors water treatment program. Simultaneously they arm themselves with a compelling visual story why a competitor is the wrong choice.  Likewise, when a water treatment company has not had the opportunity to utilize Sentinel prior to winning a new account, it has been used with significant success.  Typically this is in order to get a baseline on a competitors treatment program.  This is then utilize as ammunition to target other competitive accounts within the plant family.

As a value added service, Sentinel is used to differentiate a service offering.  Similarly it is a way to prove that their treatment program is delivering the quality it is supposed to.  No longer do they have to rely on corrosion coupons to prove quality.

The main value of Sentinel is both as a value added service & a competitive sales tool simultaneously.  Sentinel monitors the quality of a competitors cooling water program, helps identify heat exchanger corrosion and acts as a deposit monitor.  Meanwhile, plant operations has a visual reference of what is actually happening in their systems.