Use Case | Advanced Fouling Abatement

Heat exchanger fouling is a major problem but Sentinel has a solution which changes everything.  When heat exchangers experience fouling it presents a significant problem to operators and must be kept under control.  With the proper water treatment program this is not typically an issue.  However, when that program fails, the problems can be catastrophic.  Because you are modeling the conditions of your heat exchanger with Sentinel, you can get ahead of problems before they cause an unexpected shutdown.  Likewise, with the clear exchanger shell, you can view heat exchanger fouling, real-time and online.

A sugar refining company has used Sentinel Model C in specific applications to identify the efficacy of a proprietary anti-fouling agent used in sugar refining.  The chemical company set out to prove their chemical agent worked.  Using Sentinel, they were able to give visual evidence it worked without waiting for the plant to go offline.

Regardless of the type of cooling water and heat exchanger systems you have, Sentinel will help you prevent catastrophic problems and improve reliability for your critical equipment.  Sentinel positively presents a heat exchanger fouling solution.