About US

The Sentinel story is similar to that of many inventions: a napkin drawing and a sincere need to provide a better solution for a problem that existed for years with complacent acceptance. Sentinel has evolved significantly since that initial napkin drawing, and continues to disrupt norms. Today, Sentinel represents cutting edge patented technology that is rapidly changing the way water is treated in industrial settings. Previous methods of simulating a heat-transfer surface resulted in poor, unrealistic data due to non-uniform contact between the electric heating elements being used and the inside of the tubes. This was overcome in Sentinel by using a liquid simulated process that provides uniform contact and heat transfer to the tubes and therefore, much more realistic results. In today’s market, the importance of reliability is paramount when margins are razor thin. Sentinel changes the game by helping avoid unexpected failure of equipment and by offering a non-destructive way to ensure you KNOW what is happening in your cooling water system. If you KNEW what your cooling water results were today, you could potentially make changes before your next turnaround or unexpected shutdown.