Today more than ever there is a need in industry to monitor the performance of their utility systems. Reliability has become an increasingly important need due to longer time between turn arounds and the high cost of lost production.

Cooling water in most industrial plants has become the limiting factor for increasing production which makes this a high priority with operations and production areas. Maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces free of corrosion is imperative. Without accurate, realistic methods of performance monitoring the plant is being operated in the absence of the most critical information required to achieve maximum production and reliable operation.

High turnover in both plant utility departments and water treatment company local teams results in reduced levels of training and understanding of plant utility operations. Basic operation becomes the priority and accurate performance monitoring quickly becomes absent.

Traditional methods of measuring corrosion, while they are "standard methods” recognized by NACE, do not duplicate the actual corrosion rates in the process equipment at skin temperature and velocity. Heated surfaces will corrode at a higher rate than unheated surfaces and without the elevated temperatures the potential for scale formation and resulting under deposit corrosion is not being measured. Online corrosion monitoring also lacks the higher temperatures experienced in production equipment and therefore show trends that are artificially low and cannot nor should be used for production planning.

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