Recycled Cooling Water

Knew Value has designed a performance monitoring tool specifically for the Recycled Cooling Water stream in the Oil Sands of Western Canada. The Sentinel for Recycled Cooling Water. The layout of the skid finds its roots in the Sentinel for Cooling Water which is used for performance monitoring of open recirculating cooling systems in refineries and chemical plants. We have modeled the Recycled Cooling Water skid after the plant process of exchangers in series. The skid has the capability of up to 4 exchangers in series or 2 banks of 2 exchangers each. This allows for a number of different operating conditions to be modeled. There is a chemical injection capability designed into the skid for testing new chemistries and optimization of existing programs. All this is accomplished within the Sentinel Skid and does not require large amounts of chemicals for a plant trial or have the risk of adversely affecting the performance of the process. Following exposure periods the tubes can be removed and analyzed to determine metal loss and deposit characteristics as well as composition.