Produced Water

The Sentinel for Produced Water is specifically designed to provide a performance monitoring tool for the Oil Sands. Sentinel for Produced water will allow the optimization of existing chemical programs as well as the screening of new chemistries which are intended to improve heat transfer, minimize cleaning and insure maximum reliability and production. This skid was designed using the basic Sentinel configuration of "liquid to liquid" heat transfer at the skin temperature and velocity of the actual process. This provides a unique opportunity to closely model the process exchangers and reliably make treatment recommendations and operational changes.

The design of the Sentinel for Produced Water consists of 3 exchangers with Produced Water in parallel. One untreated and the remaining 2 have the ability to be individually treated. This affords us the opportunity to compare the effectiveness of treated and untreated systems as well as overlaying additional chemistry or increasing current dosage. All this is accomplished within the Sentinel Skid and does not require large amounts of chemicals for a plant trial or have the risk of adversely affecting the performance of the process. Work is underway to develop new programs and optimize existing applications in customer accounts.

"The Sentinel will be a critical part of the path forward for the chemical treatment and operation of Produced Water Cooling in the Oil Sands."